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XpresSpa World Headquarters Has Moved!

For more than seven years, XpresSpa World Headquarters was located at 150 East 58th Street, New York, NY. On Monday, September 19th, 2011 XpresSpa World Headquarters conducted its first day of business at its new home:
3 East 54th Street, New York, NY. Still based in East Midtown, Manhattan, XpresSpa's corporate office now operates in a larger facility.

At XpresSpa, it's all about you!

With over 50 locations in 22 major airports on 2 continents, XpresSpa has become the premiere destination for business and leisure travelers. While waiting for flights, global travelers shed stress and fatigue by treating themselves to one of the many available relaxing XpresSpa treatments.  In addition, XpresSpa has created an elegant and unique line of exclusive spa products and accessories which are available for purchase in the XpresSpa Shop at any of our first-class luxury spas or here online.

A Revolutionary Idea

It all began in 2003 at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport after Marisol and Moreton Binn had recently returned to Manhattan from an extended stay in Hong Kong and China. Once back in the United States, they couldn’t help but notice the changes that had taken place in the airline and airport industry since 9/11/01. The glamour of air travel was gone. Travelers were stressed and people were spending more “down time” in the airport than ever before.

One day, while traveling to Munich on a Lufthansa flight departing JFK Terminal One opposite Gate 5, the Binns noticed a closed retail space previously occupied by Philip Morris as a smoking lounge. They also noticed that hundreds of frazzled travelers were walking back and forth past the empty location, most of them looking like they could really use some de-stressing! At that moment, an idea flashed in Marisol’s mind: “Why don’t we replace an unhealthy habit (smoking) with a healthy one (airport spas)? Travelers really need a spa, a place to relax where they can release the stress and tensions of airport travel. Let’s do what they do in Hong Kong and China,” Marisol said. “Reflexology, stress and tension release, massage therapy; all done at the airport while waiting for your flight to depart!” A revolutionary idea that gave birth to XpresSpa!

Later in 2003, Marisol and Moreton Binn signed their first concession lease. By January 2004, the first XpresSpa opened in New York’s JFK Terminal One. For the past five years, they have spent 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, building the most exciting new airport concession concept ever created. Today, the internationally recognized brand of XpresSpa has become the largest airport spa company in existence. They also produce a unique and elegant line of exclusive spa products and accessories available in all XpresSpa locations, as well as here online.

XpresSpa Philosophy

With more delays and longer security lines adding more pressure to the stress of traveling…travelers are in need of some relief!  XpresSpa's sole purpose is to serve the relaxation needs of today’s weary travelers. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, everyone can use some down time. With on-demand XpresSpa services and many convenient locations in major airports, we're making the trip easier for thousands of stressed travelers each and every day.  If you are traveling through an airport and see an XpresSpa, stop by, take off your shoes, sit back in XpresSpa’s comfortable Signature Massage Lounger, and relax!

Asian Sourcing and Purchasing Offices

Sandy Chen - Hong Kong

Rong Min - Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China
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