Executive Information

XpresSpa is the leading operator of airport spas, with 26 locations in 14 major airports on 2 continents. In 6 years, XpresSpa single-handedly transformed airport concessions by turning spas into a must-have for any major airport. With dwell times constantly on the rise, XpresSpa drastically improves the travel experience, and travelers now expect there to be an XpresSpa in the airport.

Additionally, XpresSpa maintains the highest per square foot revenue stream of any concession operating in airports. Our seasoned management team is expert in airport culture, and is better equipped to run a professionally operated airport spa than anyone else.

If you are interested in adding an XpresSpa to your airport, please send an email to info@xpresspa.com. We are always interested in new opportunities.

Moreton Binn, CEO of XpresSpa, explains why you don't need a first class ticket to experience first class service

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