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Global Travelers, Welcome to XpresSpa!

Just a few minutes in one of our upscale airport spas will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your trip. Whether it’s massage, nail care, skin care, or waxing, XpresSpa’s expertly trained staff will transform your down time at the airport into the perfect “me” time. Treat yourself, or treat a friend. You deserve it!


Melt away the stress and tension of traveling with one of the exclusive XpresSpa relaxing massage treatments available below:

  • Foot Massage (15/20/30 min.)

    Our signature foot massage relieves stress, reduces fatigue, improves general circulation, and helps alleviate in-flight swelling.

  • Neck & Back Massage (15/20/30 min.)

    This invigorating massage relieves stress and improves posture by loosening stiff muscles in the upper and lower back. Treat yourself to an energizing XpresSpa Neck & Back Massage. Your spine will thank you.

  • Stress & Tension Eliminator (15/25 min.)

    The perfect pre-flight treatment, our Stress & Tension Eliminator begins with a head and facial massage to relieve sinus pressure, moves to an energizing neck and shoulder massage and finishes with a soothing arm and hand massage.

  • Full Body Massage (30/45/60/90 min.)

    For the total experience, try our Full Body Massage. Performed in a private treatment room, this massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to relieve chronic patterns of tension.

  • Hand & Arm Massage (15/25 min.)

    Perfect if you’ve been carrying heavy luggage for an extended period of time, our intensive Hand & Arm Massage relieves muscle tension in the shoulders and forearms and finishes with a moisturizing hand treatment.

  • XpresSpa Signature Massage Lounger (15/20/30 min.)

    Lean back, relax, and pamper yourself in one of our signature loungers. Customize your personal massage treatment settings to target individual areas of the body.

    Did you know you can purchase the XpresSpa Signature Massage Lounger for your own home? Click here for more info.


Manicures while you wait for your flight! Treat your hands with one of the exclusive XpresSpa nail care and hand treatments available below:


Pedicures while you wait for your flight! Treat your feet with one of the exclusive XpresSpa nail care and foot treatments available below:


Look and feel refreshed and renewed! Spend some quality down time revitalizing yourself with one of the exclusive XpresSpa Facial Skin Care treatments available below:

  • AromaPure, Deep Cleansing (30/45/60 min.)

    Revitalize and re-energize. Indulge yourself in a deep-cleansing, aromatherapy facial which will leave your skin smooth and radiant. Choose from an assortment of herbal essential oils.

  • Seaweed Facial, Moisturizing (45/60 min.)

    Our Seaweed Facial is your express ticket to moisturized and healthy skin. Gentle cleansing with a milk and honey mask is followed by a soothing massage with a seaweed serum that is rich with vitamin C, minerals and proteins. This mask will leave your skin moisturized, refreshed, healthy and vibrant.

  • Gentleman’s Facial (30/45/60 min.)

    Our Gentleman’s Facial is especially designed to rejuvenate a man’s complexion. This relaxing facial helps soothe razor-burned skin and provides deep pore cleansing and toning.

  • Mini-Facials (20 min.)

    Experience our mini-version of the traditional facial. This deep-cleansing treatment prepares the skin for your choice of one of the following: Collagen Eye Mask, Collagen Full-Face Mask

  • Collagen Add-ons

    Choose one of our Collagen Treatments to enhance your XpresSpa facial experience! These balancing treatments use 100% Pure Collagen and are designed for all skin types, leaving your skin hydrated, firm and feeling fabulous. Add a Collagen Treatment to your AromaPure, Seaweed, or Gentleman’s Facial.


Hair maintenance and sculpting for Men and Women travelers! Select from one of the exclusive XpresSpa Waxing Treatments below:

men’s hair & grooming

Hair services available at select XpresSpa locations.

  • Hair and Grooming


    A true gentlemen’s indulgence! A hot towel, pampering oil prep, warm, soothing shaving cream, by an expert barber. Emerge smooth, hydrated, renewed, ready to take on the world.

  • Deluxe Shave

    Experience the ultimate. Begin with a calming hot towel treatment and essential oil prep. Warm, soothing lather sets up the optimum shave. Then a post shave mask and cold towel take it to the next level to soothe and calm the skin. Toner and aftershave complete the invigorating experience.

  • Men’s Shave/Haircut

  • Moustache Trim

  • Men’s Shampoo/Haircut

  • Men’s Cut Only

women’s hair & styling

Hair services available at select XpresSpa locations.

children’s hair

Hair services available at select XpresSpa locations.


Available at select XpresSpa locations.

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