Foot Massage

Massages feet and calves to improve circulation and alleviate in-flight swelling. Performed in the XpresSpa Relaxation Lounger.

15 min $42.00

20 min $52.00

30 min $72.00

Neck & Back Massage

Concentrates on the neck, shoulders and back to ease stiffness and sore muscles.

15 min $42.00

20 min $52.00

30 min $72.00

Table Massage

Fully clothed massage that increases circulation, relieves stress and loosens stiff muscles throughout your entire body. Performed in a semi-private treatment area.

30 min $80.00

45 min $90.00

60 min $115.00

90 min $165.00

Full Body Massage

This therapeutic, restorative massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, below the surface of the top muscles, to relieve chronic patterns of severe tension.

30 min $85.00

45 min $110.00

60 min $140.00

90 min $180.00

Tension Relief

Our Stress Relief begins with a head, facial massage to relieve sinus pressure, moves to an energizing neck, shoulder massage and finishes with arm and hand massage.

15 min $42.00

25 min $62.00

Hand & Arm Massage

This relaxing massage relieves stress, loosens stiff muscles and improves circulation. Performed in the XpresSpa Relaxation Lounger.

15 min $38.00

25 min $52.00

XpresSpa Relaxation Lounger

Relax and pamper yourself. The Relaxation Lounger allows you to customize your personal massage treatment with the push of a button.

15 min $20.00

20 min $25.00

30 min $35.00