XpresSpa is the answer to growing traveler demands

    • In 2018, air travel is projected to grow by 6% (IATA, 2017)
    • Average wait time is 137 minutes (Aviation Pros, 2017)
    • Nearly 20% of flights were delayed in 2017 (TRANSTATS, 2017)

    • Increased travelers, security, and wait times have driven innovation and growth in airport retail
    • Frequent fliers (18% of travelers) have a household income of over $100K (Airport World Magazine, 2016)
    • 70% of purchases occur on impulse because affluent customers are bored, rushed, and stressed (Airport Revenue News)

    • Global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market (Global Wellness Institute, 2016)
    • Millennials spend nearly 25% of disposable income on health and wellness (Market Wired, 2017)
    • Consumer Spending patterns are shifting to experience-based spending. 72% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than material goods (Forbes, 2017)

    • We offer busy people a moment to relax and renew on the go
    • Over 50% market share in the United States
    • Perfected the fast-spa format
    • Providing premier wellness solutions in 30 minutes or less
    • Dedicated to keeping people looking and feeling their best on the go
    • Cutting-edge services and products
    • 57 locations in 23 airports around the world
    • Nearly 1 million customers in 2017
    • Dominant market share; XpresSpa’s next largest competitor has 14 stores in the United States (XpresSpa has 52)

    • Become part of a brand that airports (and other landlords) crave
    • XpresSpa wins ~80% of the RFPs in which it participates
    • Invest in a proven, already established brand with global recognition
    • With locations in major world hub airports, XpresSpa is a very high-visibility brand